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Drink of the Week: The Gimlet

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

You’ve had a long week. We all have had one, so what do you need? You need a quick easy cocktail. Something that is instantly refreshing. Something that lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself as you unwind letting the stress melt off your shoulders. What you need is a gimlet.

The #Gimlet is a classic cocktail that combines gin and lime and nothing else besides the simplicity of the good old days. What more could you need? The ingredients are basic and things you’ll usually have on hand. This is one of those cocktails that looks fancy, but is by no means fancy at all. Like literally at all. It is simple to make and even simpler to dress. This is the cocktail to choose if you’re aiming to impress a group of friends or better yet a special someone. The Gimlet’s presentations alone gives it a certain air of elegance. You don't even have to do all that much. All you really need is a couple of martini glasses and some fresh-cut limes. The limes will add to the taste and be the focal point of the cocktail presentation. So you might have to go to the grocery store that day, but that's about it. Get yourself a nice fresh cut lime and all you're going to do is squeeze out some lime juice into your shaker along with the gin. Then use another one as garnish with a nice bright green lime wedge or a lime wheel float. You could even get ambitious and combine both lemon and limes to add a bit more color!

How daring you want to get with your garnish game is completely up to you, don’t ever feel like you can’t try your hand at making a cocktail because of all the pictures of it you see on the internet with ridiculously gorgeous garnishes. If that's your thing you’ll get there with practice and if it isn’t, remember that garnish is an extra you can still enjoy the deliciousness of the cocktail itself.

The Gimlet is also a great choice for making a quick and easy batch of cocktails. So if you have some people coming over and you want to make a few cocktails that aren’t just your typical Rye & Cokes or Vodka Sodas, the Gimlet is a great place to start. Don’t worry if you're forced to use bottled lime juice and then cut up some lime wedges for your buddies, that's not a problem. They’re not going to know the difference after a couple anyways.

This is a great cocktail if you’re now getting into gin. The reason being that the lime really helps to pull out the flavors in the gin itself without overpowering them. It is also a great way to transition into drinking gin neat, if that’s ever your goal.

So if you're diving into #gin and you've got a couple different bottles, I suggest making a few different Gimlets with the different gins just so you can compare and see exactly what your tastes are. Once again the lime kind of helps pull out some of those flavors, but you're not going to want to overpower it with lime so I stick very close to the recipe, maybe even go a little bit under so that you can really taste a little bit more of that gin, especially if it’s one you haven’t already tried. This is a drink for sipping and relaxing. This isn't for if you're trying to crush a bunch of drinks and getting lit. I wouldn't recommend having too many of these because it has a high ABV. So you're going to want to go a little bit slower, the Gimlet is for someone who actually wants to taste the drink here.

I really like this cocktail because after you’ve made a few and you really know the gin you’ll be using there’s a lot of ways that you can pull out or accent some of the flavors contained in the gin. It isn’t mix heavy and for that reason ( believe it or not) I'm not going to recommend using any kind of sweetener to this even if you choose to get creative with it. This is one that really brings out the gin flavor and should be experienced as such. So sit back relax and make yourself a nice little Gimlet. You’re going to be thanking us for making this cocktail our “Drink of the Week” You can find the recipe and a drink video right here on our website or on our Youtube. This was a very simple recipe and we plan on keeping it that way on Thirst World Problems.

We're here to help you drink better and drink responsibly so enjoy yourselves and we'll talk to you in another week. Be sure to let us know what you think of the #cocktail!



  • 3 oz Gin

  • 3/4 oz Lime Juice

  • 1/2 oz Simple syrup (optional)


  • Combine gin and lime juice as well as simple syrup if you're using it in shaker.

  • Add ice and stir well.

  • Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish.

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