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The Hosts

Come meet the crew of Thirst World Problems. But be warned, the only thing these guys agree on is talking reckless!

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Anyone that knows this man knows he loves 3 things and 3 things only. Drinking. smoking, and straight’ West Coasting! The dude’s a throwback and he’s got no shame. Bell’s an avid sports fan whose passion for the game is matched only by his lust for the drink, especially the sweet ones. This guy’s got a tooth so sweet they call him Willy Wonka!


The infamous Nick Duggal is a stand-up comedian/writer/podcaster who has travelled across North America to tell his side of the story. Nick prides himself on roasting his cohosts and leaving the listeners with a unique perspective. Not unlike the Devil, Nick is a master conversationalist who can easily discuss any topic at length, especially when it comes to talking about himself! His refreshing takes and straight up humor will leave you laughing for weeks. Follow Nick @brownryangosling on IG and @brwnryangosling on twitter!


He’s the youngest member of the crew, but what he lacks in experience he more than makes up for in hair products! A self-proclaimed fashionista and all round sports junkie, B brings a ‘youthful exuberance’ to the show. Which is a polite way of saying he adds a millennial’s viewpoint and work ethic to the Thirst World Problems Podcast… as long as the craft beers and free Wi-Fi don’t run out

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